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        江蘇江日照明 · 投光燈、泛光燈系列The product description


        應用場景/Application scenario

        本產品主要應用于鐵路 、電力、冶金、石油、石化、化工、鋼鐵、航空、船舶及各類廠區、場站 、大型設施、場館等場所的高效照明。

        This product is mainly used in high efficiency lighting of railway, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, steel, aviation, ships and various factories, stations, large facilities, stadiums and other places.

        產品特性/Product Features




        4、配光:采用高精度,高通透性,光學級原料透鏡,有窄配光、中配光、寬配光等多種配光角度型式 ,可根據不同照明需求進行選擇,來提高作業面照度質量。提高燈具散熱性能。


        1. Heat dissipation: Modular design chooses a variety of combinations for different application scenarios, uses hollow convective heat dissipation, and further improves the heat dissipation performance of lamps.

        2. Configuration: Using imported LED light source, the average service life is as long as 100,000 hours. The power supply adopts wide voltage processing, which can achieve constant current output. It has the function of short circuit and over voltage protection, and greatly enhances the service life of lamps and lanterns.

        3. Protection: Die-casting with imported aluminium material. The strength and thermal conductivity of the components are at the same time. The surface is treated by macromolecule nano-spraying, which improves the salt spray corrosion ability of lamps. The anti-corrosion grade reaches WF2. The protection grade of the lamp body is IP66. The surface of the lamp body is never corroded and stainless.

        4. Light distribution: With high precision, high permeability, optical grade raw material lens, narrow light distribution, medium light distribution, wide light distribution and other types of light distribution angle, we can choose according to different lighting needs to improve the quality of working surface illumination.

        5. Installation mode: The patent U-frame anti-skid and anti-seismic angle control device has the characteristics of precise angle control and simple adjustment with single tool. The installation and wiring are simple and convenient for various installation modes such as seat type, side wall, ceiling suction and so on.

        投光燈、泛光燈系列 · 產品展示The product display