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        江蘇江日照明 · 路燈系列The product description








        Material and features

        1. LED heat sink using high pure aluminum die casting and become the surface of polyester coating process strong corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance excellent heat dissipation.

        2.LED light source adopts imported from Taiwan chip well-known domestic manufacturers package thus ensuring the stability of the LED lamp make the products in the color temperature display index excellent lighting effects.

        3.LED driver power supply with wide voltage constant current design, product use waterproof techology anti surge voltage up to 6000 volts throngh the CCC certification and testing to ensure the stability of the product, so as to ensure the service life of the lamp.

        4.The lamp is protected by full toughened glass and silica gel sealing strip. which ensures the protection grade of te lamp for a long time.

        5.Applicable to urban roads main roads highways and other places.

        路燈系列 · 產品展示The product display

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