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        江蘇江日照明 · 高頂燈系列The product description







        Material and features

        1.LED heat sink using the high pure aluminum material ,by means of cold forging flakes 、die casting of different processing methods、the surface of the radiator by different processing methods excellent heat dissipation.

        2.The lens is made of PC material and the reflection cover adopts nano coating technology,which improves the reflectivity of the lamp shade,thereby ensuring the high requirements of the lighting products.

        3.LED light source adopts imported from Taiwan chip ,well-know domestic manufacturers package ,thus ensuring the stability of the LED lamp ,make the products in the color temperature display index excellent care effect.

        4.LED drive power supply using a wide voltage and constant current design, the use of waterproof technology ,through the domestic CCC certificatian testing to ensure the stability of the product,thus ensuring the service life of lighting lamps.

        5.Applicable to workshop warchouse toll station gas station gymnasium and other places where large lighting is required.

        高頂燈系列 · 產品展示The product display